Type Selection Test

Hangzhou Tianshan ( TS Filter ) Precision Filter Material Co.,Ltd. provides relevant filter membrane and filter cartridge test according to the customers’ products and requirements to choose the correct filter cartridges for them. The details are Filter Membrane Selection Test and Filter Cartridge Selection Test.

Filter Membrane Selection:

1.The Compatiblity Test


2.The Membrane Filtration Test


According to customers’ requirements, we simulate the drug resistance, flow rate, differential pressure and filtration efficiency of types of filter membranes. And then the suitable filter membrane can be chosen after evaluation and analysis.

Filter Cartridge Selection:


After the membrane selection, in order to dispose the filter housing more accurately, we simulate the filtration process. Based on the evaluation and analysis of the filtration result we dispose stages need be used, the number of filter cartridges for each stage and the size of the filter cartridges.