Titanium Sintered Filter Element

Titanium Sintered Filter Element

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Features and Benefits

◆High purity titanium powder (99%) sintered under high temperature
◆Resistant to high temperatures and corrosive environments
◆Washable and reusable,providing an economical choice
◆Uniform pore sizes,excellent filtration efficiency

Typical Applications

• Steam filtration;
• Liquids or gases filtration in high temperature and pressure;
• Filtration of liquids or gases containing ozone
• Prefiltration and decarbonization in pharmaceutical industry,as small injection, oral,etc
• Highly corrosive liquid and gas purification


Materials Of Construction Filter Media: Titanium Powder Sintered
Micron Rating: 0.45, 1.0, 5.0, 10 um
Porosity: 30%-50%
O-rings/gaskets(only for 222, 226, DOE ends): Silicone, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, Teflon, etc
Filtratioin Efficiency: 95%-99%
Cartridge Dimensions Outer Diameter 60mm/80mm
Length(based on Cut Ends) 10"- 250mm, 20"- 500mm, 30"-750mm, 40"- 1000mm
Operating conditions Max.Operating Temperature.: 280℃ (536℉)
Max. Differential Pressure: 5.0 bar
PH Value compatibility: 1-14
Flow Rate: 0.5 T/h

Order Information

TI 100-1um D60-60mm NIL- Cut Ends (Cylinder) 10-10"  S-silicone;     N-nitrile
300-3um D80-80mm AA- DOE ( With Gaskets) 20-20"  E-epdm ;       T-teflon (Encaptulated)
500-5um BF- 222/ Seal 30-30"  V-vition
1000-10um CF- 226/ Seal 40-40" How to Order?- Example
2000-20um YBP- 1" BSP Threaded 05-5" Titanium Sintered, Micron:5um; Outer Dia.:60mm; Length:10"; Adapter:1"BSP; O-rings: Silicone
HBP- 1/2" BSP Threaded Other-XX
Selection Code is: TI500D60YBP10S

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