The polishing liquid filtration procedure

The polishing liquid filtration procedure

CMP, means Chemical Mechanical Polishing. The equipment and consumables adopted in CMP technology including: polishing machine, polishing paste, polishing pad, after CMP cleaning equipment, polishing endpoint detection and process control equipment, waste treatment and testing equipment, etc.
CMP polishing solution is kind of high purity & low ionic metal polishing products by special process of high purity silicon powder raw material. It is widely used in various materials’ nanoscale high planarization polishing.

Filtration purpose: to remove particles and colloidal impurities;

Filtration requirements:
1. Low Soluble substance from filter media, no medium loss
2. Good ability to remove impurities, long useful life.
3. High flow rate, high mechanical strength

Filtration configuration:

Filtration    stage

Recommended    Solution



precision    filtration


Filtration Procedure: