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Features and Benefits

◆ Capsule filters are kind of self contained,ready to use,disposable filters
◆ Made up of polypropylene cage and pleated membrane filter inside by the rmal bonding,free of adhesives,binders and other chemicals
◆ Available with a wide range of connectors and filter medias for options to meet various filtration requirements
◆ Ideal for small batch prefiltration and final filtration of liquids or gas in laboratory
◆ Fully integrity tested before release from manufacture

Typical Applications

• Digital inks, paintings
• Small injection and tissue cultures in pharmaceutical industry
• Corrosive liquids/solvents filtration in chemical industry

• Photoresist, acids, etc in electronic industry
• Gas/Air sterile filtration
• Laboratory solutions

 Table :  Filter Media and Pore Size available
Filter MediaTS CODEPore Size(um)
PESIPS0.10, 0.20, 0.45, 0.65 µm
PPDPP0.10, 0.20, 0.45, 1.00,  3.00, 5.00, 10.0 µm
PTFEIPF0.10, 0.20, 0.45, 1.00 µm
NYLON66PNN0.10, 0.20, 0.45, 0.65, 1.00 µm
PVDF (Hydrophilic)DHPV0.10, 0.20, 0.45, 1.00 µm


Materials Of ConstructionFilter Media:PP/PES/PVDF/PTFE/Nylon and other Membranes for Options
Support Layers:Polypropylene
Inner core:Polypropylene
Outer Cage, End caps:Polypropylene
Cartridge DimensionsOuter Diameter69mm/60mm
LengthNominal 1.5", 2.5", 5" 10"
Connectors:MNPT; Hose barb; Sanitary Flange(Tri-Clamp); Compression joint and so on
Filtration Area(m2)0.045 m2 to 0.44 m2
Operating conditionsNormal Operating Temperature:Up to 60℃ (140℉)
Max.Operating Temperature.:80℃ (176℉) at △P≤1.0 bar (14psi)
Max. Differential Pressure2.4 bar (34.8psi) at  25℃ (77℉).
Normal Flow direction: 4.2 bar (60 psi) at 25℃ (77℉)
Reverse flow direction:2.1 bar (30psi) at  25℃ (77℉).
Sterilization:Autoclave sterilization 30 minutes,
Gamma-irradiation (Need to confirm with Seller)

Order Information

K68B - Φ68 (Filtration Area 1200cm2 or 2200cm2 or 4400cm2 for option)IPS - Polyethersulfone0.1um-010A- 1 1/2" Tri-clamp           (K68C type only)1- 1.5" (K60 only)M10          (K68B & K60)
K60 - Φ60 (Filtraion Area 450cm2)IPP - Polypropylene0.2um-020B-1/2" Tri-clamp                    (K68C type only)2 - 2.5" (K68B&K68C)1/8" Hose Barb (K68C only)
K68C- Φ68(Filtration Area:1200cm2 or 2200cm2 or 4400cm2 for option)IPF - Polytetrafluoroethylene0.45um-045C-1/4"MNPT                         ( K68B&K60 only)5- 5" (K68B&K68C)
PNN - Nylon0.65um-065D-1/2"MNPT                                   ( K68B only)10- 10" (K68B&K68C)
DHPV - PolyvinylideneFluoride1um-100E- 9/16" Hose barb           (K68B only)
CNCA5um-500F- 1/4"compression joint  (K60 only)
10um-1000G- 1/4" Hose Barb (K68B&K60)
50um-5000H- 1/2" Hose Barb           (K68B only)
X -Others ( If you need other connector pls make inquiry)
For Example: PES membrane, 0.2um, 2200cm2 filtration area, 1.5" Tri-clamp ---K68CIPS020A5

Name and EndcapType


Name: K60-2C-M10
Inlet & outlet:  1/4"compression joint:
Filtration area:  450cm²


Name:  K68B-4H-M10 2.5"
Inlet & outlet:  1/2"hose barb
Filtration area:  1200cm²


Name:  K68C-TC-1H 5"
Inlet & outlet:  1.5"Sanitary flange connector
Filtration area:  2200cm²


Name:  K68C-TC-1H 5"
Inlet & outlet:  1.5"Sanitary flange connector
Filtration area:  2200cm²


Name:  K68B-2N-M10 2.5"
Inlet & outlet:  1/4"NPT connector
Filtration area:  1200cm²


Name:  K68C-MT-1H 2.5"
Inlet & outlet:  1/2"Sanitary flange connector
Filtration area:  1200cm²


Name:  K68C-TC-1H 2.5"
Inlet & outlet:  1.5"Sanitary flange connector
Filtration area:  1200cm²

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