Small size filter element

The inner sealing filter element (insert type) adopts different membrane materials and diversion layers according to customer requirements

– 56mm outer diameter for biological products sterilization filtration, optical disc glue filtration, small flow gas, liquid filtration,

Optical resin filtration

– 2, capsule filter element is also called discard filter element, small filtration unit, small volume, suitable for laboratory and other small fluid

Filter and do not contact metal and small fermentation systems of air filtration, a variety of sizes and interface forms

– 3, needle filter is divided into disposable and replaceable film two kinds

– Disposable needle filter

– Mainly used for sample prefiltration, gas, liquid debacteria filtration, filtration is high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and

The first choice for meteorological chromatography (GC), commonly used specifications diameter 13mm and 25mm, 33mm

– Replaceable needle filter

– Two options: stainless steel and polypropylene. Luer interface can be used with standard syringes, within

PTFE gaskets and seals, especially suitable for HPLC applications, can be autoclaved in the film state

- Polypropylene membrane diameter 25mm filter area 3.9cm2 Road type inlet interface

- The membrane diameter is 47mm. The filtration area is 11.3cm2

– 4. Flying saucer filter

– The shell and support layer are PP, the film material is PTFE, ultrasonic high frequency welding

- Filtration accuracy: liquid 0.22um 0.45um gas 0.01um

Sterilization method: placed in a breathing bag with ethylene oxide fumigation or three consecutive high-pressure steam sterilization at 121℃

Integrity test: 0.22um, bubble point ≥900MPa 60%IPA test

- Forward pressure difference: liquid 3.5bar 23℃ gas 3.0bar 23℃

Features: Discard design, suitable for small fluid filtration, fermenter gas filtration, aseptic gas filtration.

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