Selection of self-cleaning filter

In fact, no matter what kind of filter, as long as it involves the selection, it needs nothing more than the following key parameters:

1. Name of the filter liquid

2. Filter the traffic size

3. Customer’s filtering accuracy requirements

4. The viscosity of the filter liquid

5. Working pressure and temperature of the equipment

6. Filter the impurities in the liquid

Most of the time when we ask customers these parameters, some customers are not clear about these parameters, even some customers think I come to you to buy equipment, I did not ask you, but you ask me so many questions, in fact, I hope you understand that if you want to choose the equipment suitable for the company’s working conditions, you must need these parameters to support, we are selling equipment, The equipment isn’t just for sale,

In order to meet the needs of customers, the so-called demand is to clearly understand the parameters of customers, in order to select the appropriate equipment, so it is very necessary to understand these parameters.

Automatic backwash filter has the outstanding advantage of different from ordinary mesh self-cleaning filter, filter filtering accuracy 50-2000um using very strong and durable wedge type filter, precise surface gap, single large filter area, low surface flow rate fine filtration, single large flow to 8000m3/h, high reliability, can be qualified for poor water quality, Such as oily sludge impurities, soft viscous impurities, high impurity content, a small amount of hair and fiber impurities.

Selection of backwash filter:

1, the treatment of water;

2. Pipeline pressure of the system;

3. Filtering accuracy required by users;

4. Concentration of suspended matter in filtered impurities;

5, filter medium related physical and chemical properties

Application range of backwash filter:

1, iron and steel: used for raw material field, sinter pelletizing plant water treatment and filtration, blast furnace, rolling mill, continuous casting machine and other systems cooling water filtration, high pressure water phosphorus removal system impurity filtration;

2, automobile: in the automobile, tractor, motorcycle, engine manufacturing water, treatment system has been widely used;

3, power plant: used for power plant boiler high pure water preparation precision pretreatment part, generator cooling water, sealing water filtration, water consumption can be used as a by-filter treatment, full filter treatment;

4, petrochemical: in the circulating water field to do side filtration treatment, single machine or multi-model parallel processing, instead of filter material filtration, reduce filter material filtration load, can avoid a large number of washing water consumption, save costs;

5. Agricultural gardens and paper mills: in the system with sprinkler heads and nozzles, in order to reduce equipment blockage caused by impurities,

Wear, so need to choose high precision, high automation filtration products machinery, food or other systems for automatic, precision over

Filter, used to prevent the cooling water system clogging;

6. Mine: filter underground spray water to ensure the normal operation of the system;

7, water supply and sewage treatment: used in the pretreatment system, improve the operating efficiency of the system;

8. It is widely used in drinking water treatment, building circulating water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, sewage treatment, mining water treatment, golf course water treatment, construction, steel, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, power generation, textile, papermaking, food, sugar, pharmaceutical, plastics, automobile industry and other fields.

Automatic backwash filter operation and control without any external energy can be automatically cleaned and filtered, automatic sewage. The flow is not interrupted during backwash, and the cleaning and filtering cycle can be adjusted.

Design requirements of backwash filter:

1, reverse cleaning time is short, flow rate, pressure loss is small;

2, intelligent control system (PLC, PAC) control, high degree of automation;

3. The equipment can be connected with the central control system;

4, high precision filtration, water quality is stable;

5, filter lifetime use, no need to replace;

6, long service life;

7, can be applied to different raw water quality and water requirements;

8. Fewer wearing parts, no consumables, low operating costs, simple operation and management;

9, automatic reverse cleaning without interruption.

Manufacturing process of backwash filter:

1. Leading product structure and function design, compact structure, original filter shell overall forming, processing technology, avoid all kinds of leakage caused by steel filter shell welding;

2. High strength ductile iron material corrosion resistance is very good, prolong the service life of the product;

3. Proprietary filter element design and manufacturing technology, high precision filter element never wear, pressure inspection never deformation, factory accuracy test to meet user requirements;

4. Thick and fine screen are made of stainless steel welding mesh, screen plate and screen composed of internal and external double-layer structure; Because of the active cleaning of the filter element, it enhances its anti-interference ability, cleaning thoroughly, especially suitable for poor water conditions.

Post time: Nov-15-2022