Main problems to be solved in liquor filtration technology at present

Liquor is unique traditional products in our country, for thousands of years, the state liquor quality standards set by the first in terms of sensory requirements for “color and liquor is unique traditional products in our country, for thousands of years, the state liquor quality standards in terms of sensory requirements set by the first of” color and white). Therefore, the first requirement for high-quality liquor is strict sensory quality, even if the solid impurities cannot be directly observed, they should be removed as far as possible, which is very important to ensure the quality of liquor.

Filter Cartridge-1

In order to remove impurities in liquor body, it is necessary to involve the filtration process and filtration equipment. Scientific and reasonable filtration process route, excellent and stable performance and advanced filtration equipment can ensure the high quality of liquor sensory. Along with the development of filtering technology, the filter and filter in the form of material also is varied, the original have silk, sand filter, paper will stick filter, bag filter to the subsequent plate filter, activated carbon adsorption, diatomaceous earth filter, now commonly used molecular sieve membrane medium filtering, folding, ceramic sieve plate, variable temperature treatment etc, Although the technology and materials used are more and more advanced, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages, there are many problems in the use process, such as the common activated carbon adsorption method, easy to saturate, cause black pollution and precipitation, the loss of aroma components; The traditional candle type diatomite filter is prone to leakage of soil, carbon and liquid. When the power is cut off during filtration, diatomite will fall off and slag, resulting in filtration failure and other phenomena, which seriously affect the quality and quality of liquor filtration. Therefore, the use of these filters alone still can not effectively solve some quality problems of liquor.

Filter Cartridge-3First, low temperature turbidity of liquor: for high liquor, turbidity is mainly caused by high fatty acid esters (ethyl palmitate, ethyl oleate, ethyl linoleate and other high fatty acid ethyl esters), fusel oil, calcium and magnesium ions, etc., condense into flocculent with liquor cooling and decreasing degree. For low alcohol liquor, it may be caused by either high fatty acid esters or liquor main flavor substances. It is difficult to solve the low temperature turbidity caused by small molecular esters

Second, solid matter in liquor: solid matter in liquor can be divided into dissolved solid matter and insoluble solid matter. Dissolved solids refer to solids dissolved in liquor, such as all kinds of metal salts, as long as the control of brewing water and the metal salts in the slurry hook water, generally can be slurry water by reverse osmosis membrane filtration method to complete. Insoluble solids refer to solids that are insoluble in wine and cannot be effectively removed by general filtration methods, such as colloid, ultra-fine activated carbon powder after activated carbon adsorption treatment, starch and other impurities.

Filter Cartridge-2Thirdly, liquor shelf life precipitation problems: first, caused by water quality, calcium and magnesium and other metal ions in water react with ester substances in wine to form precipitation [3]; On the other hand, due to filtration failure, some small suspended matter remaining in the wine body condenses into visible suspended matter after a certain period of time.

Fine filter before packing problem: fourth, liquor liquor after alcohol-degrading combination, although after a series of means, to meet the requirements of all aspects of the index, but in front of the packaging filling, due to a series of steps in the process of liquor storage transport could lead to a liquor pollution again, so, still need to be the last time fine filtering, to ensure the safety of the final product quality. Therefore, exploration and application of an advanced and effective liquor filtration method and filtration process, not only conforms to food production safety and food quality and safety standards, but also meet the requirements of high efficiency filtration performance, at the same time, but also to ensure that the original liquor style and flavor substances not loss, let liquor liquor quality to the next level, must be on the basis of the existing filtration technology and equipment innovation, Design new filtration process and apply new filtration concept to meet the market demand for high quality wine.

Post time: Jun-13-2022