There are many types of filters, all kinds of substances have corresponding filtering devices, different filters have different filtering purposes, their structures are not the same, and in order to filter the corresponding substances, also need to filter material selection according to the common substances contained in the filter. Structure has significant effect on the filter, the filter material in recent years, the rapid development of material industry in our country, has developed many new materials, the material of material as filter device can effectively improve the filtering performance of filters, but other factors need to consider when applying, to ensure the quality of the filter life will not be affected.Filter Cartridge-1

In the 1940s, the filter material made of glass fiber began to appear; In the 1950s, when the non-woven filter material developed rapidly in foreign countries, Our country still stayed on the filter material based on woven fabric; After the 1970s, China’s non-woven filter material began to develop, the main use of chemical bonding and wet method, rather than the use of melt-blown technology. Melt-blown method can produce microfibers (0.5~10um), thus having a larger specific surface area and clearance ratio. For the same filter material with different structural parameters of filtration characteristics, domestic and foreign scholars have done a lot of research. Polypropylene electret air filtration material for ionic polarity (KCL) nonionic (DEHS) two different tests, charged particle size characteristics of aerosol particles and flow rate affect the performance of filtering, the method of melt-blown polypropylene filter material processing parameters on its performance by the method of theoretical calculation, the influence of the structural parameters of the filter material is studied.

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Change the impact on filtration efficiency. By establishing a two-dimensional model, the pressure loss and the filtering efficiency of the fiber filter in different operating conditions were simulated. The influence of fiber spacing and wind speed on the filtration performance of filter material was studied by simulation. The resistance of nuclear hePA filters with different structural parameters is tested through experiments, and the relationship between the filter structure and the resistance is analyzed. Firstly, the relationship between the diameter of the filter cylinder, the Angle between folds, the number of folds and the height of folds is analyzed. Firstly, the mathematical model between filter element structural parameters and resistance was established by theoretical analysis method. Then according to the calculation for the empirical formula of fitting out of the fold Angle plait high resistance relationship between surface figure by using the finite element method for flat shape fold type filter is simulated research by establishing a three-dimensional model of a single fold for structural parameters of cylinder fold type filter to simulate the flow field model of development of fold geometry and filtration performance, size optimization design. The fiber models of isomorphism and isomerism are analyzed.

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To sum up, although existing studies can reflect relevant structures, a macro model has been established to simulate the instantaneous acquisition efficiency and pressure drop of deep fold filters and the influence of dust load on pressure drop of fold filters. Combined with the finite element modeling of single or porous flow, the effect trend of filter performance and operating conditions on filter element resistance and filter efficiency is simulated through the flow field of pleats. However, there are still some shortcomings: The research on the influence of various structural parameters on filtration efficiency and resistance is based on the premise that other structural parameters and filtration speed are fixed, and the change of filtration efficiency and resistance under the comprehensive influence of various factors is missing, so it is impossible to compare the significance of the influence of various factors on filtration efficiency and resistance. In this paper, melt-blown polypropylene material is used to make pleated filter, and the pleated filter element with fixed filter medium is taken as the research object. The effect of pleated depth, pleated spacing and air volume on filter efficiency and resistance is studied through tests, and the influence trend and significance of each factor on filter efficiency and resistance is summarized. The results have important theoretical value and practical significance for optimizing the structural design of pleated filter elements

Post time: May-23-2022