Filter in fermentation industry

The air used in the fermentation industry must be clean and sterile, and the air must have a certain pressure and suitable temperature and humidity for the growth of production bacteria, so as to ensure the normal growth of production bacteria in the fermentation tank. The so-called sterile air refers to the clean air with the bacteria content reduced to zero or the sterilization efficiency of ~ 199.9999% after sterilization.

In ordinary cities, there are 3000~8000 bacteria /m in the air. If one bacterium enters the fermenter, it can reach 10 after 15h of reproduction, which will inevitably lead to serious interference or failure of fermentation production. Therefore, it is very necessary to configure aseptic air filter with optimized structure in fermentation enterprises.

Aseptic air filters used in fermentation industry have undergone a transformation from low efficiency and high energy consumption to high efficiency and energy saving. When the total air filter, sub-filter filter filter medium are cotton, activated carbon, called cotton carbon + cotton carbon filter; When the total air filter, filter filter filter media.

For cotton, activated carbon and glass fiber, called cotton carbon + laminated filter; When the filter medium of the total air filter and sub-filter is glass fiber and metal composite film, it is called glass fiber + metal film filter; When the total air filter, filter filter filter media for glass fiber and polytetrafluoron membrane, called folding membrane + polymer membrane filter.

At present, most fermentation enterprises are still using the traditional split folding membrane air filter (hereinafter referred to as split filter), which accounts for more than 90% of the filter market in the fermentation industry.

With the continuous innovation and development of filtration technology, the disadvantages of split filter are increasingly emerging. Its unreasonable structure design, medium effect filter can not be disinfected, occupying a large space, high investment cost defects, resulting in a large waste of energy, resources and human resources of the enterprise. Enterprises are looking forward to using new filter products with more reasonable structure design and higher cost performance to solve practical problems in production.


Integrated folding membrane filter

Integrated folding membrane filter (hereinafter referred to as integrated filter) is a sterile air filter designed to meet the needs of users. It combines the advantages of split filter and metal composite membrane filter, and has the characteristics of compact structure, strong reliability and high cost performance. The integrated filter has been applied in dozens of enterprises in the fermentation industry, and has been used in hundreds of units. All of them have achieved good use effect, and have been praised and recognized by users.



The integrated filter is composed of middle and high efficiency filters vertically connected up and down, which breaks the structure form of the split filter and changes from the split filter to the integrated filter. Compared with the split filter, it has obvious advantages:

(1) From the overall structure, the design is novel and the structure is reasonable. Compared with the same flow split filter, its space can be saved by 1/2.

(2) From the fermentation process, the overall disinfection, strong reliability. Medium and high efficiency filters can be sterilized at the same time. 150 .

(3) From the point of equipment input, cost reduction, cost-effective. Compared with the price of the same flow split filter, its price can be reduced by about 1/3.

(4) In terms of prevention of infection, online monitoring can be realized to prevent infection in the future. The detected data can effectively prevent the occurrence of bacteria contamination and ensure the normal fermentation production.

Post time: Jun-21-2022