Environmental Monitoring & Analysis for Air and Water

Particle contamination is a big concern in the world. Scientists need to collect particles in air or water for environmental monitoring, analysis and weather forecast. TS Products can help on the solution for both liquid and Air.

Filtration of Aqueous & Organic Solutions

When you need to remove or collect contaminants from aqueous or organic solutions, our various membrane types including PES, Nylon, MCE, PVDF, PTFE, pore sizes ranging from 0.04 µm to 10 µm, constructions could meet your requirements.

Lab Water Purification

Lab water treatment systems could produce high quality water such as demonized water, softened water, ultrapure water, etc.. TS products filter membrane, syringe filters and capsule filters can be used in these purification systems.

Sample Preparation

Samples and buffers need to be filtered in HPLC, LC/MS and GC/MS systems, which can get better results, protect instruments and prolong column life. TS filter membranes, syringe filters; filter units are designed and manufactured to meet these needs. These products feature low extractable, low hold-up volume, easy to use.