Electronic chemicals

Electronic chemicals

Electronic chemicals:is also known as the electronic chemical materials. Generally refers to the electronics industry use of specialty chemicals and chemical materials, say: electronic components, printed circuit board, all kinds of chemicals and materials used in the packing & production of industrial and consumer product. They can be divided into following items by different applications: base board, photoresist, electroplating chemicals, encapsulating material, high purity reagents, special gas, solvents, cleaning, doping agent before cleaning, solder mask, acid and caustic, electronic special adhesives and auxiliary materials, etc. Electronic chemicals are various, high quality requirement, small dosage, high demanding of the environment cleanliness requirements, fast product upgrading, large net inflow, high value-added, etc.. Those characteristics are more and more obvious accompany with the development of the micro machining technology.

Filtration purpose: to remove particles and colloidal impurities;

Filtration requirements:
1. Due to the high viscosity filtration fluid, the filter housing is normally have to be able to withstand high pressure & mechanical strength
2. Filter material must have a good compatibility;
3. Good filtration efficiency of removing particles and colloidal impurities.

Filtration configuration:

Filtration stage

Recommended Solution



2nd filtration


3rd filtration