Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Ink is a liquid or paste that contains pigment or dyes and is used to color a surface to produce an image, text, or design. Ink can be a complex medium, composed of solvents, pigments, dyes,resins,lubricants, solubilizers, surfactants, particular matters, partiulat fluorescents ,and other materials. The components of inks serve many purposes; the ink’s carrier, colorants, and other additives affect the flow and thickness of the ink and its appearance when dry.

There are many types of inks which have different properties for the different ink carriers Mainly including resin type printing ink , solvent ink , water-based ink , and UV ink .

Filtering purpose :
1.Remove the colloidal particles and impurities in the ink.
2.Remove the large particles and keep the colorants to ensure the quality of the ink.

Filtering requirement:
1.Low dissolution no dielectric loss
2.Effectively remove the particles and keep the colorants.
3.High flow rate, stable structure, strong filtering capability which  meet the ink mass production.
4.Strong retention ability , long service life , no particles to the downstream when rising the flow rate and pressure.

Filtering recommendation:


filtering steps

filter    recommendation



FB/filter bag


precision filter



precision filter

PN/PNN/IHPF(capsule    filter)

Process diagram: