Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) Pleated Filter Cartridge

Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) Pleated Filter Cartridge

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Features and Benefits

◆Made of excellent activated carbon fiber and polypropylene components for high precision filtration
◆Excellent ability to remove the odor, color and chlorine in liquid
◆High dirt holding capacity and little carbon fiber release
◆Broad chemical compatibility,resistant to acids and bases
◆No hazardous substances releasing

Typical Applications

•Remove the color of intermediates in pharmaceuticals industry
•Organic impurities, chlorine and heavy metal ions removal in bottled water industry
•Alcohol clarification
•Remove the color in the organic solvent.

Table :  Typical water flow rate (10")



Materials Of Construction Filter Media: Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF)
Support Layers: Polypropylene
Micron Rating: 1.0, 3.0, 5.0um
Inner core: Polypropylene
Outer Cage, End caps: Polypropylene
Seal Method: Thermal Bonded, No Adhesives
O-rings/gaskets: Silicone, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, etc
Cartridge Dimensions Outer Diameter 69mm(2.75'')
Inner Diameter 33mm(1.30'')
Length(based on DOE end caps) 10"- 254mm, 20"- 508mm, 30"-762 mm, 40"- 1016mm
Filtration Area(m2) 0.5 m2 per 10''
Operating conditions Normal Operating Temperature: Up to 50℃ (122℉)
Max.Operating Temperature.: 80℃ (176℉) at △P≤1.0 bar (14psi)
Max. Differential Pressure
Normal Flow direction:  4.2 bar (60 psi) at 25℃ (77℉)
Reverse flow direction: 2.1 bar (30psi) at  25℃ (77℉).
PH Value compatibility: 2-13
Sterilization: Flush with hot water at 82℃(180℉) for 30 minutes
Cartridge Safety Endotoxin: <0.25 EU/ml
Extractables: 0.03g / 10"

Order Information

ACF 100-1um AA- DOE 10-10"  S-silicone;      N-nitrile
300-3um CN-226/FIN 20-20"  E-epdm;         T-teflon (encaptulated)
500-5um BN-222/FIN 30-30"  V-viton
BF-222/ FLAT SEAL 40-40" How to Order?- Example
CF-226/FLAT SEAL 05-5" Micron:5um; Length:10"  ADAPTER: DOE;
Gakset: Silicone.                                                                                                     Selection Code is: ACF500AA10S
EN-222 three locking  ears /Fin Other-XX

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